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How can I come up with a mechanism in java where I could monitor the date/time fields inside a Java DB table and as soon as the the date/time fields for one or many of the records match the system time I could grab them for further processing??! Sample code would be appreciated!

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Make date/time field in DB as Timestamp. Then get the value of this field from database. And convert the current time in millisecond and then compare.

java.util.Date utilDate=new java.util.Date();
java.sql.Timestamp timest=new Timestamp(utilDate.getTime());

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You can surely use triggers - those are DB procedures that get executed by DBMS automatically, when a particular event arises, and one such event could be the change of the value of yours date/time fields.

Those procedires are implemented into DB itself, not into your java code.

Here is the wikipedia article on DB triggers.

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