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I have an element which I need to append into other element, and after some other manipulation I need to put element back to its default position.

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Save the object's parent with .data() and retrieve it when you move it back.

$( '#move' ).data( 'originalParent', $( '#move' ).parent() );  

// moving to new position
$( '#moveToNew' ).click( function() {
    $( '#move' ).appendTo( '#new' );

// move element back to where it was
$( '#moveBack' ).click( function() {
    $( '#move' ).appendTo( $( '#move' ).data( 'originalParent' ) );
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Please take a look on this problem – Ruslan Savenok Oct 22 '11 at 13:17
Why do you have to move the data2 div out first? Just append what you want to be the last element. It doesn't overwrite the existing content. – Juhana Oct 22 '11 at 14:52

you should use $.data in jQuery

or you can clone the object and then used the cloned one to revert

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