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I am looking for a good thema for my bachelor thesis about activity recognition. My original Idea was to use RFID tags / WISP attached to daily objects, and then infer the activity being performed from the traces of object use via a Hidden Markov Model (HMM), like Buettner et al. has made. I gave up this idea after a feasibility analysis.

My new Idea would be to use a "wearable Kinect", as seen for example in this paper, and use the Kinect to track object use (I Know that the Kinect can recognize objects). I am completely new to Kinect, and I have never done anything with it. I am still reading some papers, but I would like to ask you guys and Kinect lovers if my idea is good and feasible. I would love to have any comment/feedbacks about it.

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This a common theme in universities at the moment, with a lot of attention being given to wearing the Kinect sensor instead of using it to drive a screen. The first big demo of this was at the MIX11 Keynote where some students used the Kinect to build a sensor for a blind person. As a student you also get a lot of good resources from Microsoft, and should also receive support from Microsoft research who funded the paper you linked to too. My recommendation is that Kinect is a fun API, with lots of potential, so I would highly recommend you spend some time playing around with it. Although it will be technically challenging the scenarios are entirley possibly using todays consumer technology so you should enjoy any time you spend on building the prototype.

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