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I'd like to have three labels in my application, the first shows the time, the second shows the day and the third shows the month. Now I know how to get the current date with NSDate and date formats and all, but how can I update the day when another day begins? And the same with months? And NSDate shows what time it is, but I'm looking to do a digital clock, how would I go on about that? Thanks in advance!

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Your question is really broad and questions like this have been asked on S.O. many times.

like here -> how to create a digital clock with custom images for hours and seconds in iphone

and here -> iPhone Digital Clock

Here is a tutorial on how to create an analog clock for iOS -> http://iphone-dev-tips.alterplay.com/2010/03/analog-clock-using-quartz-core.html

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I don't know if your system follow POSIX standards, but if it does you might consider using the gettimeofday system call and the localtime and strftime standard library functions. They have C APIs and should be callable by Objective-C code, and very probably you might have higher level library calls.

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