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I'm stuck on why my code is printing a blank line before writing text to a file. What I am doing is reading two files from a zipped folder and writing the text to a new text file. I am getting the expected results in the file, except for the fact that there is a blank line on the first line of the file.

def test():
    if zipfile.is_zipfile(r'C:\Users\test\Desktop\Zip_file.zip'):
        zf = zipfile.ZipFile(r'C:\Users\test\Desktop\Zip_file.zip')
        for filename in zf.namelist():
            with zf.open(filename, 'r') as f:
                words = io.TextIOWrapper(f)
                new_file = io.open(r'C:\Users\test\Desktop\new_file.txt', 'a')
                for line in words:


Output in new_file (there is a blank line before the first "This is a test line...")

This is a test line...
This is a test line...
this is test #2
this is test #2

Any ideas?


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My guess is that the first file in zf.namelist() doesn't contain anything, so you skip the for line in words loop for that file and just do new_file.write('\n'). It's difficult to tell without seeing the files that you're looping over; perhaps add some debug statements that print out the files' names and some info, e.g. their size.

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I think you are right. When I call zf.namelist() I get the following list. ['New folder/', 'New folder/test1.txt', 'New folder/test2.txt']. New folder is the name of the folder in which the files are held. I'll go back to the documentation to see if there is a good way around this. –  Lance Collins Oct 22 '11 at 15:35

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