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I am using Net-beans for developing a small desktop application. I am using a Jtree in this application. Referring to the following tutorial:


I want to customize the look and feel of my JTree to the "Java Look and Feel" (First fig from left). How should I achieve that?

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You generally don't change the look and feel of a unique component, but the look and feel of the entire application.

See the Swing tutorial for explanations.

It's perhaps possible to change the look and feel of a single component, but then the application would be inconsistent. I would never do that.

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This is something you should look into : Pluggable look-and-feel architecture : Swing's pluggable look-and-feel architecture allows us to provide a single component API without dictating a particular look-and-feel. The Swing toolkit provides a default set of look-and-feels; however, the API is "open" -- a design that additionally allows developers to create new look-and-feel implementations by either extending an existing look-and-feel or creating one from scratch.

And as per the suggestion of @JB Nizet , if you prefer to change the LaF of the application , this might be helpful : Look and Feel in Java

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