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I have an old asmx service on the air. ( Not Myne)

I want to consume it by wcf.

And i want to do it by the traditional way ( ABC)

A = I have.

B = Simple http Binding ( old asmx)

C = XXX ??? //<-- how do i get the Contract ? SVCUTIL ?

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B = Simple http Binding ( old asmx)

It will be basicHttpBinding.

C = XXX ??? //<-- how do i get the Contract ? SVCUTIL ?

Yes, you use svcutil.exe or the Add Service Reference dialog in Visual Studio to generate a strongly typed proxy from the WSDL of the asmx service:

svcutil.exe http://example.com/legacy.asmx?WSDL

svcutil.exe will also generate an app.config file for you containing the <client> section with the correct endpoint to be used to consume the service.

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