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I'm using http://jsend.org/.

For compressed data delivery from server to browser there are GZip/Deflate.

In the other direction there is - now - jSEND

But it seems its only supports in the server side: PHP.

So the JavaScript library will shrink the data which will be send to the server. The server class will "open" the shrinked data - but this library is only available in PHP.

Is there any solution for .NET?

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looks like an interesting project –  david Oct 22 '11 at 17:02

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Sorry, I know i am late, but maybe someonelse will find my answer useful. There already is a .NET implementation for this created by Iván Stepaniuk.

This is the link for his article: http://blog.istepaniuk.com/client-side-compression-with-javascript/

and this is its project on github https://github.com/istepaniuk/jSend-Net

Hope this may be of help to someone!!!

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