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I need to improve the performance of a script done in Javascript, and I can check the RAM consumption script said.

for example like the PHP function get_memory_get_peak()

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In Chrome, if you run with the --enable-memory-info flag, you can get the data from:


which contains:


This data can also be fetched from a memory heap snapshot by pressing F12, but this is not programmatically.

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The Chrome developer tools include a heap profiler:

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You cannot read memory data using JavaScript code. A method to see the memory consumption is by inspecting the process.

Chrome has a built-in statistics screen, which can be summoned using Shift + Esc. This screen shows various information about each tab, including memory consumption.

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You could format the PHP code with CSS & JS, but that's about it. Use the PHP Function, and HTML can't do that, it's just a markup language.


Try using the Task Manager, go to processes, and check the usage stats!

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I don't think that will say anything about JavaScript's usage; he's trying to improve a JavaScript script. – pimvdb Oct 22 '11 at 17:22
Then try going to Task Manager in Windows.... Check the Process CPU and RAM Stats... – Adam Orama Oct 22 '11 at 17:26

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