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I use Symfony 2 with Twig and my question is pretty straightforward:

In a view I want to extend one of the layouts based on a variable. If the variable is false I want to extend UdoWebsiteBundle::layout.html.twig and if it's true I want to extend UdoWebsiteBundle::layout_true.html.twig.

Here is the code I tried:

{% block layout_extender %}

    {% if intro == 'false' %}
        {% extends 'UdoWebsiteBundle::layout.html.twig' %}
    {% else %}
        {% extends 'UdoWebsiteBundle::layout_true.html.twig' %}
    {% endif %}

{% endblock %}

I get this error:

Multiple extends tags are forbidden in "UdoWebsiteBundle:home:home.html.twig" at line 7

Is there any other way to achieve this?

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Try this one:

{% extends intro == 'false' 
    ? 'UdoWebsiteBundle::layout.html.twig' 
    : 'UdoWebsiteBundle::layout_true.html.twig' %}

Idea taken from here: http://jorisdewit.ca/2011/08/27/extending-different-layouts-for-ajax-requests-in-twig-symfony2/

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Thanks a lot. It worked great. –  Dan Cearnau Oct 22 '11 at 18:12

To keep it neat you should use Twig dynamic inheritance support by using a variable, defined in your controller, as the base template:

{% extends parent_template_var %}

If the variable evaluates to a Twig_Template object, Twig will use it as the parent template.

Define parent_template_var in your controller:

if($intro == 'false')
    $parent_template_var = 'UdoWebsiteBundle::layout.html.twig';
    $parent_template_var = 'UdoWebsiteBundle::layout_true.html.twig';
return $this->render('::/action.html.twig', array('parent_template_var' => $parent_template_var ));


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You cannot extends multiple template, that's why you've got the error, if you want to so, you need to push them in an array like below.

{% extends ['MyAppCustomBundle::Layout/layout.html.twig', 'FOSUserBundle::layout.html.twig'] %}

But you will need to use Twig version 1.2 to do it. twig documentation

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answer from the official documentation :

Conditional Inheritance As the template name for the parent can be any valid Twig expression, it's possible to make the inheritance mechanism conditional:

{% extends standalone ? "minimum.html" : "base.html" %}

In this example, the template will extend the "minimum.html" layout template if the standalone variable evaluates to true, and "base.html" otherwise.


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You are right it also works, this way you can also extend different template depending if its an ajax request or not for example. {% extends app.request.isXmlHttpRequest ? '::/ajax.html.twig' : '::/base-3col.html.twig' %} . I just prefer to keep this kind of test in the Controller even in a SuperController Class extended by every Controller. –  svassr Aug 30 '13 at 14:32

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