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A very simple question:

Why I cant see _ (underscore) in WPF content?

For instance the content of

<Label Content="test_t" Name="label2"  />

is shown as "testt" (with the underscore not shown).

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did you tried to escape it? __ or \_ (just guessing with 2nd suggestion) – Karel Frajtak Oct 22 '11 at 18:32
HI , I wanted to know its reason,as one of my friend from stackoverflow said, its like the & in windows forms.Thanks. – AliRezza Oct 22 '11 at 18:54
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Labels support mnemonics (i.e. you can use ctrl+(key) to give them focus). You define the mnemonic key using an underscore.

If you want to see underscores, replace single underscores with double underscores.

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This is because Label supports defining a mnemonic based on its content, which is done by prefixing the mnemonic with an underscore (the same thing that happens in Windows Forms with &).

Use a double underscore if you want a literal one to appear:

<Label Content="test__t" Name="label2"  />
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I know im late to the party but I believe that if you don't have the Label associated to a TextBox than you should use a TextBlock instead.

Changing your control to a TextBlock solves this issue since only Label has the mnemonic support

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