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I'm current developing an app that requires the current path of the frontmost Finder window. I've managed to do this pretty well using ScriptingBridge as proposed by the following thread: ScriptingBridge Finder POSIX path

All nice and clear so far. But, at least on 10.7, I can't get the path using ScriptingBridge while the Finder window is being dragged (using the mouse) - And it's crucial for my app!

I've set up a timer which asks the current path from the frontmost Finder window every second (just for the sake of testing). Whenever the finder window is not being dragged everything is OK, but when I start to drag it this function is blocking the timer:

NSString * newURLString = [[NSURL URLWithString:(id)[[targetArray objectAtIndex:0]URL]] path];

until the mouse button is being released.

Anyone else got into that issue? Anyway to avoid it or bypass it?

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If it is blocking, move it to the background thread or better use GCD. –  logancautrell Oct 22 '11 at 18:51
The problem is not that it's blocking, the main problem is that I have a "Dead zone" for which I can't tell the current path of the Finder window. In order for my app to work properly, I need to know the path during the dragging process. –  user1008836 Oct 22 '11 at 18:53

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