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I want to make something similar to the listbox.children property. I know I can write this to return the children of the listbox:

Public ReadOnly Property Children(index as integer)
      'Return the children at the specified index
   End Get     
End Property

But how I can make the functions for the Children property? For example List.Children.Count would return the count of the list entries but List.Children(0) would return the first entry.

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Put Option Strict On at the top of the source code file. The changes you have to make to get this code to compile will help you find the correct answer. –  Hans Passant Oct 23 '11 at 11:56

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You will have to change the type of your Children property to something that implements the IEnumerable Interface, such as a List(of Child) to easily get Count, For Each iteration, etc. Currently you are returning an Integer, but my guess is that there is a lot more to a "Child" entity than just a numeric value.

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I am not sure I understand what you are asking, but if you are asking how do you do something other than return a simple backing store, here goes:

Public ReadOnly Property Children(index as integer) as List(Of WhateverObject)
     return GetChildren(index)
   End Get     
End Property

Private Function GetChildren(index as integer) as List(Of WhateverObject)

'Code that actually gets a list of the object type of the children at that index

End Function

You can also put whatever code you want in the property itself, although I recommend calling a method.

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The answer was actually pretty simple. I just had to make this function:

Public Function GetItem(Of T)(index as integer) as T
 Return _ListOfT(index)
End Functions

And then just modify the T class to suit my needs.

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Nice function modifier. –  NoAlias Oct 25 '11 at 20:42
@NoAlias Better? –  Cobold Oct 26 '11 at 13:30

I think that 'list.children(0)' is not a function, rather its a derived class with overloaded constructor or some like that. Apart from this you write a function which returns an array of that list type containing all child info.


public function ReturnChild(byval listbox as listbox, byref NewlistBox as listbox)

         your code goes here

end function
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