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I have a have a maven project I created with spring roo. When I run mvn assembly:single I get a fat jar with all the dependencies, but not the actual code I wrote. Here is my maven-assembly-plugin configuration from my pom.xml:


What am I doing wrong?

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The solution is to add the single goal to the package phase of the project life cycle. This means you have to add the following xml under the configuration section:

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I will say what you have done are totally enough. Instead of assembly:single, do:

mvn clean compile assembly:single

And you should be good to go.

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Well, jar-with-dependencies does exactly what you describe is happening. Why don't you just use mvn package?

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jar-with-dependencies implies that the jar includes the dependencies in addition to the code I wrote. Also, it doesn't make sense that adding the songle goal to the package phase would change te output produced by the single goal, as I stated in my answer. –  Justin Dearing Oct 23 '11 at 15:01

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