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I have created a LIST using sys/queue.h functionality that contains

struct stInside{
   int a;
   int b;

struct stOutside{
   struct stInside in;
   LIST_ENTRY(stOutside) outq;

LIST_HEAD(stOutsideHead, stOutside) head = LIST_HEAD_INITIALIZER(head);
struct stOutsideHead *headPtr;

struct stOutside *list;

for(int i=0; i < 4; i++){
   list = malloc(sizeof(struct stOutside));
   list->in.a = i;
   list->in.a = i;
   LIST_INSERT_HEAD(&head, list, outq);

I would like to know How & What to use in order to sort this list based on the a field of the struct stInside. Are there any specific MACROS that could do the job? I saw a

#define LIST_SORT_PROTOTYPE(name, type, field, cmp)             \
QHELPER_SORT_PROTOTYPE(LIST, name, type, field, cmp)

in sys/queue.h but I don't understand how it's working.

Thank you very much for the sharing and your time.

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Look at this example. It uses SLIST and not LIST, but the idea is the same.

Basically you use LIST_SORT_PROTOTYPE(...) wherever you would use a sort function prototype, LIST_SORT_GENERATE(...) wherever you would use a sort function definition, and LIST_SORT(...) wherever you would call that function.

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