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I'm trying to use ANTLR in my C++ project. I made a target for running ANTLR generator for specified grammar and made main prjct dependent from it.

                             -o ${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/src/MyGrammar

ADD_DEPENDENCIES(MainProject GenerateParser)

The problem is that ANTLR generator running every time I build project and consumes enough time. How can I make it run only whether my grammar has been changed? Or may be it is possible to make ANTLR somehow generate parser only for out of date grammar.

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add_custom_command will do the trick, if you construct the call to it correctly.

Something like this should work:

    -o ${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/src/MyGrammar


ADD_DEPENDENCIES(MainProject GenerateParser)

Here, the custom target will "build" every time, but the only thing it will do is build the custom command on whose output it depends, but if and only if the output of the custom command is out of date with respect to its DEPENDS file(s).

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It works, thank you! –  DikobrAz Dec 9 '11 at 12:20

Would add_custom_command do the trick? Here you can specify the DEPENDS [depends...] which would make the command only execute when the dependent file changes.


add_custom_command(OUTPUT output1 [output2 ...]
                 COMMAND command1 [ARGS] [args1...]
                 [COMMAND command2 [ARGS] [args2...] ...]
                 [MAIN_DEPENDENCY depend]
                 [DEPENDS [depends...]]
                 [IMPLICIT_DEPENDS <lang1> depend1 ...]
                 [WORKING_DIRECTORY dir]
                 [COMMENT comment] [VERBATIM] [APPEND])
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Seems not to work. As I understood DEPENDS only work with targets, e.g. whenever the dependent target was changed (libary rebuilt, etc.) command is executed. –  DikobrAz Oct 24 '11 at 12:14

Besides proposed solution with custom target, if your target depends on some generated sources the common workflow is the following:

Add target that generates your source file. I recommend to use full paths to avoid mistakes.

add_custom_command(OUTPUT ${GENERATED_SOURCE_FILE}

Set GENERATED properties of your generated source file. So cmake won't complain about missing source file.

set_source_files_properties(${GENERATED_SOURCE_FILE} PROPERTIES

Add generated source to your target as usual.


So in the proposed example ${GENERATION COMMAND} will only be launched if some of ${DEPENDENCIES} files were changed.

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