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I have a ttk.Treeview widget with some rows of data. How do I set the focus to and select (highlight) a specified item?


does nothing


complains that: Item 0 not found, although the widget is plainly populated with more than zero items. Trying item 1 does no better.

EDIT: to select an item, find its id, then use tree.selection_set(id). Neither tree.focus(id) nor tree.focus_set(id) appears to do anything.

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Note: I haven't worked with python.

Looking at this link, the focus method with optional parameter item, should highlight the node.

If not, look at selectmode option & set it to "browse".

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focus doesn't seem to work. selection_set() wants an item id, not a position, which can be obtained when inserting or by iterating tree.get_children(). +1 for forcing me to re-read the docs. This get me highlight, but not focus. –  foosion Oct 22 '11 at 21:00

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