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I have been trying to integrate the TTPhotoViewController into a UITabBarController for a while but have not succeed.

The TTPhotoViewController works fine in a stand-alone fashion but I can't "press it" into a TabBar.

Has anyone come across an example that would do it?

Your help is much appreciated.

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I had the same issue, but I found an alternative solution than using Three20. I ended up using the KTPhotoBrowser found at:

I got KTPhotoBrowser working in about 15 minutes. What I like most is its simplicity: just copy a few .h/.m files to your project. That's it...

It is only a photo browser though, no extra controls as Three20 has...

Also, with a couple of "release" removals, it is ARC compatible in iOS5, and storyboard plays well with it. It comes with samples for local pics, flickr, or web site pics.

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Works in tabbarcontroller if you place the view controller inside a navigation controller, although it seems to have interfered with my subclassing of tabbarcontroller which I had implemented in order to have landscape orientation enabled for one of the views (to show video).

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