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I have multiple tables in my Server Explore database file. I want to generate auto code of Classes for tables, so all classes with their attributes, constructor and getter setter methods automatically generate.

Kindly tell me steps to do so?????


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There are several ways to "generate code", depending on what code it is you want to generate. Do you want to use the old DataSet technology, or the newer "Entity Framework"? – John Saunders Oct 22 '11 at 22:27
Do you want to use Entity Framework? – Acaz Souza Oct 22 '11 at 22:27

Not autogenerate, but it's not hard to use sql and information_schema to output a class definition, with the class named after the table and the columns being mappped to properties. From there you can have it generate create, updates and deletes (I like to use merge for crate/updates under SQL Server 2008).

Do them one at a time and it's mainly string concatination. The below should get you started....

declare @class varchar(max);

; with typemapping as (
 Select 'varchar' as DATA_TYPE, 'string' ctype
 Select 'int', 'int'
select @class = isnull(@class + char(10), '') + 'public ' +
       tm.ctype +' ' + column_name +
       ' { get; set; }'
from information_schema.columns sc
   inner join typemapping tm on sc.data_type = tm.data_type
where table _name ='yourtbl'

print @class;

The rest is left as an exercise for the reader as they say mainly because the details are up to you, instead of auto properties you could use backing variables, put standard logic in the properties, make the value types nullable, when making your own code generator, make it fit your patterns/styles/needs.

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If you use Entity Framework check the steps this article:

Generating EF Code First model classes from an existing database

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you could try something like this...

Create one main class with the name ModelCreator.cs that does all the key operations. Entry point to this application is the Connect and Create button click event. It will fire a CreateConnectionString() method, which basically gets the input from the user and dynamically creates the connection string

private void lbtnConnect_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
   if (CreateConnectionString())

// <summary>
/// Get the SqlDataReader object
/// SqlDataReader
/// </summary>

public SqlDataReader tcGetDataReader()
SqlConnection connection = null;
  connection = GetConnection(SQL_CONN_STRING);
  if (connection == null)
  return null;
  SqlDataReader dr = SqlHelper.ExecuteReader(
if (dr.HasRows)
  return dr;
  return null;
 catch(Exception ex)
  return null;

Get Table Names, Attributes and their types from the database

 select table_name, column_name, data_type
  from information_schema.columns
  where table_name in
   select table_name
   from Information_Schema.Tables
   where Table_Type='Base Table'
  ) order by table_name

Main Method, CreateModelClassFiles

  /// <summary>
 /// Create the Model class list iterating through the tables
/// </summary>
/// <param name="dr">Sql Data reader for the database schema</param>

    private void CreateModelClassFiles(SqlDataReader dr)
     if (dr != null)
    string lstrOldTableName = string.Empty;
    StreamWriter sw = null;
    System.Text.StringBuilder sb = null;
    System.Text.StringBuilder sbAttr = null;
      string lstrTableName = dr.GetString(0);
      string lstrAttributeName = dr.GetString(1);
      string lstrAttributeType = GetSystemType(dr.GetString(2));
      if (lstrOldTableName != lstrTableName)
        if (sw != null)
          this.CreateClassBottom(sw, sb.ToString().TrimEnd(
                     new char[]{',', ' ', '\r', '\t', '\n'}),
        sb = new System.Text.StringBuilder(lstrTableName);
        FileInfo lobjFileInfo = new FileInfo(sb.ToString());
        sw = lobjFileInfo.CreateText();
        this.CreateClassTop(sw, lstrTableName);
        sb = new System.Text.StringBuilder("\r\n\t/// \r\n\t" + 
             "/// User defined Contructor\r\n\t/// \r\n\tpublic ");
        sbAttr = new System.Text.StringBuilder();
        this.CreateClassBody(sw, lstrAttributeType, lstrAttributeName);
        sb.AppendFormat("{0} {1}, \r\n\t\t", 
           new object[]{lstrAttributeType, lstrAttributeName});
        sbAttr.AppendFormat("\r\n\t\tthis._{0} = {0};", 
           new object[]{lstrAttributeName});
      lstrOldTableName = lstrTableName;
    MessageBox.Show("Done !!");

Once this method is called, it does every thing for you.

i hope it will helps you....

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Hi, Can you please put code of any CreateClassBottom,CreateClassTop or CreateClassBody? – Kaushik Jul 25 '14 at 5:15

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