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I want a nice graphical version of git log -p some/file.rb on my Mac. Tower 1.2 boasts a new File History view, but that just shows two dropdowns with SHA1s to compare; it's slightly less useful than a MediaWiki "compare versions" history (it doesn't even show commit messages).

I can't find anything in GitNub or Gitti that does this. GitX does it about as well as GitHub, but it leaves me wishing I could just scroll up and down to see the diffs instead of having to click each commit. Is there a better tool?

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I would give SourceTree a try. It has a nice and powerful GUI.

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The function you are looking for in SourceTree is the horribly misleading "Log Selected," you can find that by right clicking the file in question. –  OhkaBaka Dec 16 '14 at 15:32

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