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I have a recipe script with some PHP code that was written with Global Variables. Would anyone be able to tell me a general process (or order of operations so-to-speak) that I could follow to begin swapping out the global variables? Here's an example:

function computeCost() {
  global $DB_LINK;

  if ($this->liquid == $DB_LINK->true) $liquid = true;
    $amount = Units::convertTo($this->amount, $this->unitMapping, $this->unit, 
      return ($this->amount * $this->cost);
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Instead of using a global variable you could pass it into the function like this:

function computeCost($db_link) {

And call the function like this:

$returnValue = computeCost($DB_LINK);

This way, no Globals are needed (and this is better) and you pass the data into the function. So the function does not have a dependency with the outside, as it is supposed to be.

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this looks good. thanks bro! –  elev8 Oct 22 '11 at 23:54
no problem. Could you please mark it as best answer? –  Rene Pot Oct 25 '11 at 12:12

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