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When you look up "post office" in Google, the first link you get is for the US postoffice, and there is a nice menu below it that describes the main menu in the Post office website.

What kind of HTML directives do I need to put into a page in order to get such a menu in search engines?

Another question: how can I verify quickly it works, once I add the HTML directives? Will I have to wait for the next crawl of a search engine to see what it would look like?


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Webmaster.google.com is a good place to start

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There is no options as such. If your website is well optimized and got good traffic, google does it automatically.

I run a website http://onlinemacha.com for students who wish to study abroad. For the past one month, when the keyword onlinemacha is searched for, google results all menus under the root. enter image description here

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