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I got a list of bus number in my database. Sample here :

    1,1,Victoria / Churchill,3,A32638,FFFFFF
    2,2,Tiffin / St-Georges,3,A32638,FFFFFF
    106,106,Secteur B / Victoria,3,A32638,FFFFFF
    199,199,Seigneurial / Grand Boulevard,3,A32638,FFFFFF
    818,T18,Taxi - Aéroport,3,A32638,FFFFFF
    893,T93,Taxi - De Mortagne - Du Boisé - Ch. De Touraine,3,A32638,FFFFFF

We will be working with route_id (first column).

Here is my question. How can I catch a new hundred ? The expected results from above will be

    1 to 99
    100 to 199
    818 to 893

I am almost always finding the answer to my question but this time.. I really don't. I did this but this ain't working well :

# Creating the array
$Routes = array();
$Quick = array();

# Array launching
$F_D = -1;
while($Assoc_Routes = mysql_fetch_assoc($Query_Routes)){
    # Array
    $Routes[] = $Assoc_Routes;

    $Digit_Length = strlen($Assoc_Routes['route_short_name']);
        case 1 : $Digit = '00'.$Assoc_Routes['route_id'][0]; break;
        case 2 : $Digit = '0'.$Assoc_Routes['route_id'][0]; break;
        default: $Digit = $Assoc_Routes['route_id'][0]; break;

    if($Digit[0] != $F_D){
        # Count

                    # Avoid the first one
        if($i > 1){
            $Quick[$i-1]['g'].= ' à '.($Assoc_Routes['route_id']-1);
        $Quick[$i] = array('g' => 'Groupement '.$Assoc_Routes['route_id']);
    $F_D = $Digit[0];

Thanks for any help.

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Make a new variable that tracks which group you are in:

$currentGroup = 0;
$groupSize = 100;

Then compare your route_id to the currentGroup to see if it's within its groupSize:

if ($Assoc_Routes['route_id'] >= $currentGroup+$groupSize && $groupSize != 0) 
    //update the value for your currentGroup
    $currentGroup = floor($Assoc_Routes['route_id']/$groupSize)*$groupSize;
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You should cast as int, truncate, or floor it. Round will act wrong at 50's –  Mikhail Oct 23 '11 at 0:04
@Mikhail Right you are-- I floored it. BTW, nice answer, very elegant. –  jsleuth Oct 23 '11 at 0:13
pastebin.com/0Zz3qZpL .. Code updated with comment. Working very well. Thanks a lot everyone. –  David Bélanger Oct 23 '11 at 0:27
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Not sure in what form you want the output to be, but here's the approach I'd take:

while ($r = mysql_fetch_object...
  $index = floor($r->route_id / 100);

  $groups[$index][] = $r;
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