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I want to check the structure of some html piece of markup, just checking the structure. For example I need to check that SOMEWHERE in <list-item-canvas> tag is <image name='category-pic'> tag.

I write:


That's working if <img> is a second node after any ('*') node in the hierarchy, BUT if I have <img> somewhere deep-deep in the structure, AND I do not want to care about the level hierarchy how then I should write my xpath-query? I would think that instead '*' I might write '**' but I can not..

Is it possible?

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This selects any img the string value of whose name attribute is 'category-pic' and that is a descendant of the first (in document order) div the string value of whose class attribute is 'list-item-canvas'.

Do note the bracets surrounding the subexpression:


this is quite different from:


the latter selects every div element in the document that is the first div child of its parent -- and there may be potentially more than one such elements.

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Do this:


The // before img lets you find any descendant of the div that is an img, instead of just children or grandchildren of the div.

Also are you sure you want the [1] there? It may not be doing what you think.

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i'm sure ) thx. –  ses Oct 23 '11 at 16:41

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