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I am trying to include the File from the above folder . Iam here (www/pf/htdocs/ap) . I want to include a php file from the above www it is dev/libraray/hp.php

i am doing it in this way include_once ('../../../../dev/libraray/hp.php') but could not do it How could i do it

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  1. Be sure that target path is readable by PHP interpreter (can be read by user running it).
  2. If so, play with the "../" path, adding or substracting it from the include() string. for this one, removing it once should fix the problem, because you need to go 3 levels down:

include_once ('../../../dev/libraray/hp.php')

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Use the actual server directory path.

ex. include('/home/username/include.php');

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You should use something like $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] in case you change the locations and folders or define a base path like define('BASE_URL', dirname($_SERVER["file_name"]));

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