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Whats is correct to do?

check if exists, then remove?

var input = "foo #main baa"; 
if(input.Contains("#main")) {
   input = input.Replace("#main", "");

or just:

input = input.Replace("#main", "");

Well, this seem a simple question,but I really want know. Thanks in advance.

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The Contains check actually just makes your code slower.
Remove it.

The Contains call needs to loop through the string until it finds #main.
The Replace call then needs to do the same exact loop (it can't remember it from the Contains call).
This is a Shlemiel the Painter's algorithm.

Replace can handle strings with zero or more occurrences of the search string, so you don't need the check.

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Just do the replacement - if it's not there, nothing should happen.

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Just make the call to Replace(). If the substring isn't found nothing happens and you avoid an additional call to Contains().

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I would do this:

input = input.Replace("#main", "").Replace("  "," ");

To remove any double spaces.

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Just remove it. The only thing to check is if the string is null or not.

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