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I read this from < IIS 7.0 resource kit >

HTTP.sys maintains a request queue for each worker process. It sends the HTTP requests to the request queue for the worker process that serves the application pool where the requested application is located. For each application, HTTP.sys maintains the URI namespace routing table with one entry. The routing table data is used to determine which application pool responds to requests from what parts of the namespace. Each request queue corresponds to one application pool. And application pool corresponds to one request queues within HTTP.sys and one or more worker processes.

The bold parts confused me. My understanding is: HTTP.sys matain a request queue for each worker process. An application pool can have one or more worker processes. So an application pool should also corresponds to one or more request queues. Why only one in the bold sentence?

And btw, could anyone give a more clear explanation about the URI namespace routing table? Some examples would be better.


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An application pool can have one or more worker processes

This is not correct 1 App Pool = 1 Worker Process

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downvoted since that's just the default - in the app pool configuration (in IIS admin) you can change the "Maximum WorkerProcesses" to be more than 1 (beware of Sessions!) – Leon Jan 8 '13 at 11:39

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