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I've noticed gnu-binutils-strings can printout utf-16 content in a file - is it possible for the program to print out utf-8 strings? if so, which arguments are appropriate? i'm working in a python environment using subprocess and would like to work with the output from gnu-binutils-strings that a subprocess.Popen call would generate through a pipe.

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I'm not experienced with strings, but the version I have ( has an 8-bit encoding option (-eS) that would work with utf-8 text. It must have to cast a wide net looking for 'text' delimited by non-printable characters (value < 32). I'd expect a lot of noise. A test on a random executable showed the -eS (8-bit) result was 5 times bigger than -es (7-bit).

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thanks for the suggestion. this worked like a champ. i went back and double checked the man page and didn't notice '-eS' flag was an option. to test it out, i download the front page of CNN for a couple utf-8 languages and ran 'strings -eS' over the output file. worked like a champ. the ASCII html content was there as were the utf-8 encodings for the language specific news stories. also note, strings tosses out control characters. i had some concern the "printable character" aspect of the "-e" flag was going to break things. – ct_ Oct 25 '11 at 19:07

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