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Happy weekend!

I have a 2D georeferenced raster data (with a data type of "unsigned char") array. I want to use it as data source to do reprojection by using GDAL/OGR library. In "GDAL Warp API Tutorial" web page ( http://www.gdal.org/warptut.html), all samples seem to begin with opening a raster file supported by GDAL/OGR. How can I set up a relation between "GDALDataset" and my 2D array without saving my 2D array to a file and opening it again?

Thank you very much!

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Try using the MEM or In Memory Raster format as a destination. E.g.:

hDriver = GDALGetDriverByName( "MEM" );
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Thank you very much! Sorry for my late response. I'll do as you suggested. But as I know GDAL/OGR has not implementd the function AddBand (please see the source code). –  GoldenLee Oct 23 '11 at 10:20
The driver page mentions "The MEM format is one of the few that supports the AddBand() method" –  Mike T Oct 23 '11 at 21:20

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