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I'm looking to integrate a light-weight forum feature into an existing GWT website. The front-end is written in GWT/SmartGWT and the backend is written in PHP. The communication is through a RESTful API using JSON.

I have looked into the forums of some popular software (SMF, phpBB, etc.) but was unable to find any references to a RESTful web API to make integration into an existing non-PHP site easier. The closest I came is to vBulletin's Mobile API - Unfortunately, vBulletin isn't free.

Some recent threads I have seen on some of the forums basically say that the user should write their own web services wrapper around the internal API. However, that seem like a bad solution that can lead to all kinds of additional bugs.

So, my question is this - does anyone know of an existing, free forum software (PHP, Perl, Ruby OK, but NOT Java) that provides a RESTful web services interface?

An ancillary question to this is: has anyone used Restler ( to turn a forum software's published API into a RESTful interface? I'm sure this method would be fraught with potential problems, but one can always hope.

PS: I saw the following older questions on stackoverflow, but they don't seem to be that helpful and are now kind of old:

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Did you try elgg forum plugin? – Luracast Nov 7 '11 at 0:59
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Looks like Vanilla Forums fits your bill, they support JSON/XML based API

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I wrote a semi-RESTful API for SMF forums that will do anything you like except create and destroy the SMF cookie (login/logout), which you might be able to accomplish yourself using cURL I think it might have been you who posted there asking for it and gave me the idea

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