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Sorry I am quite novice to Javascript.

When a page has loaded, I would like to get the active link in a menu.

I can't compare the current url with the address the points to (links trigger connection within the current page).

The idea is to loop through all the a tags (in a table) and check whether the state of the link is active. An active link diplays differently by default, so I suppose that there is a way to get this info by querying the element properties.

For the moment I am working round it by checking whether the link diplays as a default active link

if (document.getElementById('MyTable').rows[i].style.fontWeight =="bold"){
    ..some code...

This obviously works, but if for some reason the boldness applied regardless of the link status this would fail, so I feel like it is not the most solid method.

I am looking for something like

if (document.getElementById('MyTable').rows[i].cells[0].childNodes[0].active == true){
    ..some code...

The childNodes[0] of the first column cell would be the a tag.

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You're much better off doing this server side or alternately google 'body class CSS navigation'

And if you're triggering jumps within the same page just tack on #xyz at the end of the URL and you can compare that in JavaScript.

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I am quite novice and I can't even picture what it would entail to do it server side. I probably should have mentioned that I am on sharepoint, and links are __doPostBack functions that connect to Data View Wep Parts. I don't understand why it is so hard to get the active link, since any browser does it out of the box and applies a specific formatting (bold text or whatever) to it. Judging from the many workarounds I have come accross googling it seems that there is no 'active' property that would return a boolean value if queried via Javascript, as I was hoping. I am surprised. – vinz Oct 23 '11 at 18:43

we can achive this by using style class.check the below link for more details like how to set active and find the active link from java script.

Active link in java script

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As I said, I can't compare the current url with the address the links point to. I am on ASP.NET and the links trigger __doPostBack functions. But thanks anyway. – vinz Oct 23 '11 at 18:17

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