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I'm trying to analyze how postgreSQL parse a query, and after some postgreSQL source code tracing with embedding printf() here and there, I've known that the query will be parsed into raw parse tree with raw_parser, which located in file parser.c.

The strange thing is, I've already embedded a printf() dummy in the raw_parser, and after re-installing the postgreSQL and execute a query, my printf() dummy is not printed to the screen!

Can anybody please help me, where I went wrong?

Thanks in advance :D

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One possibility is that the handle for stdout has been closed or changed to something you don't expect. Try opening your own file and writing to that file. –  Eelke Oct 23 '11 at 6:19

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if you use printf(stderr, "...."), then you can find result in server log. Don't forget - you are not work with server directly. For debugging purposes there are a elog function - it's like printf for client application:

elog(NOTICE, "some text");

a format string is same like printf's format - but you must to remember, PostgreSQL uses a different formats than glibc - so you can to show only integer or float variables. String variables uses different format than is C zero finished string.

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that totally solve my problem, thanks! :D –  gagal_axzel Oct 23 '11 at 12:27

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