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i followed this guide and i've downloaded and recompiled Android 2.3.6 for my crespo platform.

The preamble During the deployment procedure i noticed only one error:

  • at the end of source downloading step the guide said to verify the tags by

    $ git tag -v TAG_NAME

    but this always returns fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories)

Anyway, i can still compile the sources getting the binaries (bootstrap.img, system.img...). Once flashed into device, these binaries can correctly bootup and show me the usual gingerbread desktop.

The problems This OS can use the radio but only in 2G mode; even adding and APN, it still not use 3G or better communications. In 'Account and sync' the only account that i can add is... Exchange. Now, i've expected only a gmail account but why only Exchange? I don't have an Exchange account to synchronize...

what i've done wrong?

PS All the google applications (Market, maps...) are missing.

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The Google app packages won't be included in the OS source distribution. They need to be installed separately. I'm not sure of where an officially sanctioned distribution can be found, but one I've used successfully in the past can be found here. (Select the top link in the table.) One you install that you'll have Android Market where you can obtain the others.

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Thank you for your answer goto10. I'll check the link searching for google application but have you some info about 3G and synchro accounts? These are my major issues. –  lorenzoff Oct 24 '11 at 8:48

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