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I have the following data

Food $44
Transport $52
Rentals $102

I want to transform to the following

Food      $44
Transport $52
Rentals   $102

Is there any in-built function in Emacs to do this? I'm not familiar with elisp. Thanks.

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Several possibilities. The easiest is probably C-u M-x align. See

The other possibility is to use table-mode. Just do M-x table-capture, use one space as column and newline (C-q C-j) as row delimiter. Afterwards, you can use M-x table-release do get rid of the lines. For more information, see

(and the Emacs manual, of course).

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One of the emacs align commands should do the job.

Start with C-u M-x align after selecting the region you want to line up.

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