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I have done a bit of programming in Java and the whole point of this project is to learn something new.

I want to create an Android App which would record a users voice, and then it would change the recording, and give you an output.

The change in the recording would be the frequency or pitch of the voice.

so lets say you say " hello my name is james" the app would repeat this, with the frequency of your voice changed, which would sound really stupid, and maybe fun, but that is the point of the app.

I have tried asking people on Twitter for any help and resource suggestions, however so far i have got nowhere.

How would i go about doing this, if you could suggest any resources, books, online material anything to get me started i would really appreciate it.


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Changing an audio file to increase or decrease pitch is a non-trivial task. This is more of a math and audio theory question than a programming question. – goto10 Oct 23 '11 at 9:56

Well I would say, Android audioFx would be an immediate reference for you to investigate. also since you are a new to Android, follow this tutorial would be beneficial.

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IMHO: before starting doing anything with Android i would suggest you reading official Dev Guide page http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/fundamentals.html. In Android has been implemented a lot of interesting and innovative approaches, it would be usefull to know them(interaction between activities, activities stask, ability to have a few entry points to application, describing GUI via XML, data storage && security) .... it's IMHO.

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