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How can I build an Ant script to output swfs vs air packages, and to use different classes during the compilation based on my desired destination?

For example I am building an app that will be for the web, mobile and desktop. In some cases my classes will use AIR only components. I want to be able to create ANT build scripts that will not include those classes when outputting a swf for the web. How do I go about doing this?

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Here's what I did for a similar situation:

<target name="define.compile.task" depends="initflex">
    <presetdef name="">
        <mxmlc file="${src.dir}/${src.file.path}" 
                output="${output.dir}/${output.file.path}" ...>
            <compiler.source-path path-element="${src.dir}"/>

<target name="" depends="define.compile.task">
        <compiler.define name="CONFIG::AllowAirComponents" value="false" />

<target name="" depends="define.compile.task">
    < configname="airmobile">
        <compiler.define name="CONFIG::AllowAirComponents" value="true" />

Then, I could define targets like

<target name="buildwebclass1">
     <antcall target="">
          <param name="src.file.path" value="path/to/"/>
          <param name="output.file.path" value="MyClass.swf"/>


<target name="buildairclass1">
     <antcall target="">
          <param name="src.file.path" value="path/to/"/>
          <param name="output.file.path" value="MyAirClass.swf"/>
     <exec executable="${FLEX_HOME}/bin/adt" failonerror="true">
         ... (adt arguments)

And if I have some factory of common code that instantiates the air class only if necessary, I wrap it with a CONFIG::AllowAirComponents { ... } so my AIR specific classes wouldn't interfere with the web build.

Hope this helps!

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Oooh, thanks. Do you wrap the import statements in CONFIG::AllowAirComponents or just the instantiation of the classes? Also if I'm using Robotlegs and the [Inject] MetaData can I wrap the CONFIG::AllowAir around the Injection metadata as well or will it conflict? – Bob Oct 23 '11 at 10:36
Well... In my case the relevant code is in the same package so I didn't need to import. I don't know about injection as well - you'll have to try and let us know how it goes... – yonix Oct 23 '11 at 15:05
Bob, the non-used imports should be ignored at compile time, so u don't need to care about them. Regarding Robotlegs: not sure about Inject metatag + conditional compilation, but maybe u'd better review architecture a bit? E.g. inject against interface, but define appropriate mapping via conditional compilation. Alternatively, if u inject against real classes — there should be no problems if u map "right" classes via conditional compilation. – Pavel fljōt Oct 24 '11 at 10:05

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