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I have placed a div .ontopdivs on top of another div .notradewin with jQuery so it will look like it is disabled, it works fine with all browsers except IE7.

In IE7 everything in the lower div is still working: image hover, select open on click, text that i can mark.

(It is not a form and to use disabled="disabled" is not the answer. tried it)

The select is a plugin that I wrote so I guess I can fix this in the plugin but all of the links are still working.

jQuery code:

$("div.notradewin").each(function() {
    var thisoffset = $(this).offset();
    var thiswidth = $(this).width() + 4;
    var thisheight = $(this).height() + 4;
    $("#bodywrap").append('<div class="ontopdivs" style="background-color: transparent; width: ' + thiswidth + 'px; height:' + thisheight + 'px;position: absolute;top:' + + 'px;left: ' + thisoffset.left + 'px;z-index: 12 !important;overflow: hidden;"></div>')

How do I get this to work?

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Try to use Block UI, it has ability to block specific elements.

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i didn't know Block UI can do this for specific elements. thanks – boaz barkan Oct 24 '11 at 8:56

There is a known issue with mouse events on transparent backgrounds in IE. See this post explaining the issue.

Try adding background-image: url(.) if you must have transparent background.

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In IE7, fully-transparent elements do not receive click events (or hover, apparently). Try putting the following in a stylesheet for IE7 and older (referenced here):

filter: alpha(opacity=1);

This will set the opacity to 1%, which will appear transparent, but should still allow intercepting click events.

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I want the top div to block all the clicks or hover that is happening in the lower div. so the lower div will be disabled. – boaz barkan Oct 23 '11 at 13:58
Right, and the fact that the top div is transparent causes the clicks and hovers not to be blocked in IE7. – Chris Starnes Oct 23 '11 at 14:11

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