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I am developing an IOS app for some extra facebook features that API's can provide, but couldnt't find the "rules", so dont want my app rejected by either Appstore or FB, so I want to know all policies in advance.

for example:

-Can I sell this app in AppStore?

-Am I free to use all functionality that FB API's provides how ever i want? or there are some things "I should and should not do"?

-It does not allow me to name my app anything includes text "Facebook", but I see in apple store there are apps with name Facebook text by other companies, how is that possible? (e.g. Myphone+ for facebook)


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Facebook does not ask for any commission (as you don't make any money just offer an interface from your app to access Facebook services). They have an open source iOS SDK, with reference here, which does all the authentication/authorization work. You can find the general documentation for developing Facebook stuff on mobile here. Depending on which services you want to access you will have to ask the user for Facebook permissions through the SDK. Apple have never, to my knowledge refused an app because of the Facebook SDK.

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tnx, sorry but I can not make money with an app using Facebook services? you mean I have to make the apps free in app store? – Spring Oct 23 '11 at 12:21
no, doesn't matter if they are not free, you can use the facebook SDK all the same. – jbat100 Oct 23 '11 at 13:08

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