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Wikipedia on TFTP states:

Windows 2008 introduced pipelined TFTP

Its aim is to enable good throughput over high latency links. Unfortunately no reference is given. The only other reference I found is Bazootftp mention pipelining-support.

  • So how is pipelining implemented? Is it negotiated per RFC 2347?
  • Is it possible to do pipelining, if only one side supports it (eg. via some ACK-tricks)?

I've seen Bazootftp add another packet-type, to signal the end of the stream.

  • Is Bazootftp's pipelining the same as in Windows?
  • And I haven't exactly understand, how the windowing works, esp. with lost packets.

Any hints appreciated.

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Pipelining TFTP if achived by the use of the negotiated variable "windowsize". The term pipelined is really not the best one.

you can read more here: http://www.vercot.com/~serva/advanced/TFTP.html and it seems probably it's going to be an RFC http://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-masotta-tftpexts-windowsize-opt/

windowsize negotiation requieres the agreement on both sides but Serva (1st link) does some tricks for getting something similar against a regular RFC-1350 TFTP client.

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