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My iPhone has version 4.2.8 (8E401). I don't want to update it as I'm writing a 4.2 app right now and want to test with my phone. I installed iOS5 Beta 7 on my Mac a few weeks ago and was able to see my phone listed in the Device List to Run/Debug my app along with the various Simulatior choices since then.

Last evening, though, all of a sudden it doesn't recognize my phone. The only phone device listed is the generic 'iOS Device'. When I look at my phone information in XCode's Organizer, it has a question mark next to my device name and a yellow dot. It also displays this message:

The version of iOS on “My iPhone” does not match any of the versions of iOS supported for development with this installation of the iOS SDK. Please restore the device to a version of the OS listed below, or update to the latest version of the iOS SDK; which is available here. OS Installed on My iPhone 4.2.8 (8E401). Xcode Supported iOS Versions
Latest 5.0 (9A5313e)

Is there a way to get the iOS 5 XCode to recognize my iPhone OS version without having to upgrade (which I don't want to do just yet) or have to restore to a previous version?

Seems like this message just popped up without me making any changes to my iPhone or iOS installation. Any work-around would be appreciated.


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You issue looks similar to Possible to target older iOS versions when using XCode 4.2 and iOS 5 SDK?

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Thanks Aleksejs. For your first recommendation, I only see options to install 4.0 - 4.1 and 3.0 - 3.2.2. I was looking for 4.2 specifically. Any reason why that isn't showing up or how I can do that? And will that approach produce the same result as solution in the link you provide to add armv6? The real mystery to me is how this change happened in the course of a few hours as I was able to run/debug an app on my iPhone yesterday morning but not last night. Thanks again. –  Jazzmine Oct 23 '11 at 12:58
@Jazzmine It looks, like I am wrong about this download, it looks unnecessary for 4.2 or newer. I have just connected my old iPhone 3G with 4.2.1, it was successfully detected by Xcode. Yes, you will need to change your project configs to add armv6 support, because it is required, if you want to target iOS 4.2 or older. –  Aleksejs Mjaliks Oct 23 '11 at 13:25
i've added armv6 support to both my target and projects and restarted xcode but it still does not pick up my iphone as a device. I am trying to overcome this message in the organizer: "Device List does not match any of the versions of iOS supported for development" which only lists 5.0 as the only supported XCode iOS Version it will accept. Any way to get the Organizer to recognizer my 4.2.8 iPhone as I do not want to upgrade at this time. Thanks –  Jazzmine Oct 23 '11 at 13:40

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