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Thank everyone for the help I have made some really good changes but now it gives me an answer of +4198498 instead of 5 for the first set of values which I know is wrong. Did i push something wrong or did not pop a reg correctly? I cleaned up the stack right by using the ret 8 which should clean up the stack for the next call is that right?

Here is what I have so far:

TITLE MASM GCD                      (GCD.asm)

; Description:GCD recursive ; ; Revision date:

INCLUDE Irvine32.inc .data myMessage BYTE "Assignment 7 GCD Recursive style",0dh,0ah,0 myMess2 BYTE "GCD = " ,0dh,0ah,0

;first set of nums val1 DWORD 5 val2 DWORD 20

;second set of nums val3 DWORD 24 val4 DWORD 18

;3rd set val5 DWORD 11 val6 DWORD 7

;4th set val7 DWORD 432 val8 DWORD 226

;5th set val9 DWORD 26 val10 DWORD 13

.code main PROC call Clrscr

mov  edx,offset myMessage
call WriteString        ;write message
call Crlf               ;new line
push val1
push val2
call GCD


main ENDP

;------------------------------------------------ GCD PROC, ; This finds GCD ; Gets values from stored values ;returns NA


    xor edx,edx
    mov eax,dword ptr[esp+8] ;dividend
    mov ebx,dword ptr[esp+4] ;divisor
    div ebx              ;eax/ebx
    cmp  edx,0           ;remainder in edx
    je   L1              ;yes: quit
    call GCD             ;no: call GCD agian
    mov eax,ebx          ;move the divisor into eax for printing i.e GCD    
    mov  edx,offset myMess2
    call WriteString
    call WriteInt        ;Display GCD WriteInt uses EAX = qutent
    call crlf
    ret 8                ;clean up the stack


END main

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First I see a few errors and bad habits:


Declaring local variables for your procedures is a bad habit in my opinion. (result from high level languages)

You need to put that in your data segment. Additionally there's a syntax error, the dwords are uninitialized thus you should declare them like this:

dividend  dword ?
divisor dword ?

You also have a problem with the registers for the div instruction:

xor edx,edx
mov eax,xxx ;dividend
mov ebx,yyy ;divisor
div ebx     ;eax/ebx
cmp  edx,0  ;remainder in edx

Now to use your sets of values and divide them you ave different choices:

1-move them manually 1 by 1 in your registers

mov eax,dword ptr[val01] ;dividend
mov ebx,dword ptr[val02] ;divisor

2-you push them directly on the stack (like function parameters)

push val01
push val02
call GDC

;in GDC proc
mov eax,dword ptr[esp+8]
mov ebx,dword ptr[esp+4]

3-put them in an "array" and loop through them

exercise for you
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A few things I see (ignoring whether the calculation is right):

    mov edx,dividend            ;this is value 1    
    mov ebx,divisor         ;this is the divider make sure its smaller number!    
    div ebx                  ;divide int1 by int2

DIV ebx divides EDX:EAX by EBX, so you should move the dividend to EAX and clear EDX.

    cmp  edx,0               ;does remainder = 0 ?
    je   L1                  ;yes: quit

    call GCD             ;no: call GCD agian

Where are you setting up the parameters for this call?

    mov eax,ebx          ;EAX = GCD

Here you overwrite the quotient with the divisor is that intentional?

    pop edx
    pop ebx

I don't see where you push these registers. Is that done automatically by MASM? If not you need to push them.

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