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I have a Mercurial repository and want only a subset from its content in a new Mercurial repository. I know how to do this using the Convert Extension with a filemap file.

However, I also like to filter the tags, i.e. only keep one specific to the files I like to include. I'm would be able to name all these tags and would also like to rename them. In other words I would need a tagmap feature as well.

I'm aware I just could exclude .hgtags and then add all tags manually or how to rename tags, but I actually like to keep the original tagging dates and revisions, so the converted repository looks "authentic".

Any ideas how to do this? I wouldn't mind writing some Python code as well.

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I'm not sure if how the order is preserved, but you can specify the date you want the tag recorded as when you create a tag with -d or --date? It doesn't solve exactly the revision it was put in, but it does let you set the date to what you want. – Trenton Schulz Oct 23 '11 at 14:41
@TrentonSchulz: Thanks. I know about --date and used it before. This is actual my backup plan. – Martin Scharrer Oct 23 '11 at 14:49
Could you combine that with a convert sorted by date instead of by branch? – Steve Kaye Oct 23 '11 at 18:46
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This feature does not exist today, as you've found out. Writing it will be a fun little exercise :-) You should start with the source for the hg sink and change the _rewritetags function. It parses the data (the content of the .hgtags file for the changeset that's currently being converted) and rewrites the changeset hashes to match the new hashes.

This is your opportunity to rewrite or exclude tags! I modified the file like this to exclude tags below version 2.0 and to rewrite them slightly:

def _rewritetags(self, source, revmap, data):
    def keep(tag):
            version = map(int, tag.split('.'))
            return version >= [2, 0]
        except ValueError:
            return False

    def rename(tag):
        return tag + "-partial"

    fp = cStringIO.StringIO()
    for line in data.splitlines():
        s = line.split(' ', 1)
        if len(s) != 2:
        if not keep(s[1]):
        revid = revmap.get(source.lookuprev(s[0]))
        if not revid:
        fp.write('%s %s\n' % (revid, rename(s[1])))
    return fp.getvalue()

For testing, I also change self.filemapmode to True unconditionally. Otherwise, convert wont detect and filter out empty commits. Since you use a filemap already, you should be fine.

Finally, strip the extra "update tags" changeset added by convert and you'll have a nice history again.

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