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I'm acquiring data sequences using Data Acquisition Toolbox using MATLAB. I've two matrices each of different sizes. I want these two different matrices to be elements of another bigger matrix. Is it possible to achieve this?

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Cell Array

I'm not quite sure what you are trying to achieve.

From what I understand, you need a cell array.


a{1} = my_first_matrix;
a{2} = my_second_matrix;

then a will be a cell array. You can retrieve your two matrices (of different sizes) using a{1} and a{2} respectively.

Block diagonal matrix

My other understanding of your question is that you may want your two matrices to be blocks on the diagonal of a bigger matrix. Then you can use square brackets to concatenate different matrices and zeros to pad with zeros:

a = [M1 zeros(size(M1, 1), size(M2, 2)); zeros(size(M1, 2), size(M2, 1)) M2];
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