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I have a string where part of the string depends on whether the variable json[i].has_dishwasher contains a value. If it contains a value, class="selected" will be added to the html string. To make my code shorter (I actually have a long series of the code shown below), i am planning to use the ternary if operator.

Problem: The way I used the ternary if conditional statement is not valid Javascript. How can I make this valid?

Javascript Code

html = '<div class="amenities"' + (json[i].has_dishwasher ? +'class="selected"'+) \
+ '>Dishwasher' +  json[i].has_dishwasher + '</div>';
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You need to add the "tri" part of the ternary, and it should return just the strings, not include the concatenation (+) operators.

... + (json[i].has_dishwasher ? 'class="selected"' : '') + ...

But that isn't really what you want either; that would leave you with two separate "class" attributes. I'd probably create the "class" attribute's value apart from the creation of the HTML string:

var classVal = "amenities" + (json[i].has_dishwasher ? " selected" : "");

Or just do it in a conditional and keep it clean.

var classVal = "amenities";
if (json[i].has_dishwasher) classVal += " selected";

html = '<div class="' + classVal + '>Dishwasher' 
     + json[i].has_dishwasher + '</div>';
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html = '<div class="amenities"' + (json[i].has_dishwasher ? ' class="selected"' : '') + '>Dishwasher' +  json [i].has_dishwasher + '</div>';
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