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I have 4 blocks of xml, that I want to parse whith jQuery making one ajax call. Now four blocks of xml are different from each other(But the structure is same). I am trying to parse this xml by passing an id to each of the xml block, But in my ajax call I am not able to retreive the id attribute as it is the first thing that I need to capture to pass to the ajax function.

I tried something like this:

XML is here:

            <test id="1">
                <heads>Heading 1</heads>
                                    <values images='images/1.gif'>Option1</values>
                                    <values images='images/2.gif'>Option2</values>
                                    <values images='images/3.gif'>Option3</values>

    <test id='2">
                <heads id="b">H..................

I need to get id of test1, test2, et-al

Ajax is Here:

$("document").ready(function() {
                    type: "GET",
                    dataType: "xml",
                    success :function(xml) {
                        var select = $("#mySelect"); 
                        //I am getting id here
                        var id=$(xml).find('test').attr('id'); 

                        $(xml).find('test'+id).each(function() {
                            $(this).find('optionheading').each(function() {
                            var opthead = $(this).fin......................
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If I've understood you well, the following should happen (output boldfaced):

  • <test id="IDHERE"> should populate <select ID="IDHERE">
  • <optionheading> should create an <optgroup> with a label as defined at <heads>
  • Each <optgroup> is populated with <option> elements, according to the given <values> elements

The code below is the jQuery method to implement this idea, as requested.

Note: $('test', xml) is a shorthand for $(xml).find('test').
Note2: Since an ID must be unique, select#yourID is equal to #yourID.
Note3: The <values> tag at the XML is not necessary for this script.

success: function(xml){
    //Loop through each `<test>`
    $('test', xml).each(function(test_index){
        var id = $(this).attr('id'); //Get the ID of the `<test>`
        // Select <select> element with ID `ID` using the `select#ID` selector
        var select = $('select#' + id);
        $('optionheading', this).each(function() {
            $('values', this).each(function(){
                var $values = $(this);
                .attr('label', $('heads', this).text())

Possible HTML after executing:

<select id='1'>
    <optgroup label='Heading 1'>
        <option value='images/1.gif'>Option1</option>
        <option value='images/2.gif'>Option2</option>
        <option value='images/3.gif'>Option3</option>
<select id="2">
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Actuallly I just need to process the first block of test. Let me explain I am pulling the options in test block to a dropdown and another test block to another dropdown and so on. These dropdowns are dependent on each other – Mike Oct 23 '11 at 16:41
@Mike Updated answer. – Rob W Oct 23 '11 at 16:50
Hey Rob,Actually I am looking for code reusability/portability. I dont want to change my javacript everytime I add something. Rather I would like to just update my xml and let jquery take care of it. like how i have done in my script by passing an id – Mike Oct 23 '11 at 17:03
@Mike So, what exactely do you want? Do you want to walk through all <test> elements, and process the <optionheading> tag? – Rob W Oct 23 '11 at 17:09
I want to process the dropdown, take one block of test at a time and put these in a select dropdown(heads as optgroup and value as options).Each select dropdown has somewhere around 15 options and 5 optgroup. Next dropdown has another 15 options(heads as optgroup and values as options options). Since My dropdowns are dependent on other factor, so at a time I want to load only one dropdown(i-e one test block). If I need another dropdown then I hide the first dropdown and show the next dropdown whose options come from test2 block of xml. I hope I am clear.... and ya thanks for your help – Mike Oct 23 '11 at 17:46

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