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I am playing with grails and groovy. I wondered if its possible to do something like this.

def inbuiltReqAttributes = ['actionName','actionUri','controllerName','controllerUri']
inbuiltReqAttributes.each() { print " ${it} = ? " }; 

what would i put in the ? to get groovy to evaluate the current iterator value as a variable e.g. to do it the long way

print " actionName = $actionName "


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I believe off the top of my head, this should work:

print " ${it} = ${this[ it ]}"


print " ${it} = ${getProperty( it )}"

But i'm not at a computer to 100% verify this atm...

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First one worked a charm - thanks tim – AdiFatLady Oct 23 '11 at 16:37

Try this:

inbuiltReqAttributes.each() {
  evaluate("value = ${it}")
  print "$it = $value"
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