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I have created a copy of the blank template and inserted 2 parts of it at:




Then I inserted the theme name in the magento backend:

enter image description here

This works so far and I can make changes to the files that are below these 2 locations and they show up in the frontend.

The next thing is, I want to make some changes in the template file which is originally at


Because I want to incorporate the change into my theme and of course not modify the base tree, I made a copy (please excuse some slashes are the wrong direction, in my environment I use them correctly):

cd app\design\frontend\default\mytheme\
mkdir template
cd template
mkdir page

Now I create a copy into this directory of the template file that I just mentioned and it becomes app\design\frontend\default\mytheme\template\page\2columns-right.phtml.

As soon as I make the copy, the magento shop frontend only displays an empty page. I have to delete thecopy and the shop works again.

When I make my change in the original file 2columns-right.phtml it shows up in the frontend, but I want to incorporate it in my theme, not change the base tree.

How do I do what I want?

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It looks like you are copying it over correctly. If it's displaying an empty page when you create the copy of 2columns-right.phtml it could be caused by php errors in the template, or incorrect file permissions on 2columns-right.phtml

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thank you, i will try. it could be permissions, because after the copy process (without any changes) the error occurs –  mit Oct 25 '11 at 12:10
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