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I'm using the nested_form gem on Rails 3.1.1 app with jQuery. In the attempt to build some dynamic select menus I'm stuck at the first step.

First, I want to test change value detection in drop down however name keeps changing. When I inspect through browser inspector I get a new ID every time I refresh like order_items_attributes_new_1319384594266_product_id.

In my JS file I have

jQuery('select').change(function() {


which triggers when simple drop down changes but not on nested form drop downs. Why? How can I make sure name is fixed or how to select nested form drop downs?

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i am not familiar with RoR but it you can use classes or id to identify the select –  3nigma Oct 23 '11 at 15:57

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I think you can start by following this tutorial which explains the process. http://www.petermac.com/rails-3-jquery-and-multi-select-dependencies/

then when you will try to apply the tutorial logic in your version, The partial which is rendered using jquery should contain something like this:

Example in HAML:

= semantic_fields_for "order[items_attributes][]", order do |form|
  = form.input :blah

Hope that helps or at least gives you an indication :)

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