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I need to select an element from a drop-down menu. For exemple this open:

<select id="fruits01" class="select" name="fruits">
<option value="0">Choose your fruits:</option>
<option value="1">Banana</option>
<option value="2">Mango</option>

1.So first ...i have to click on it i do :

inputElementFruits = driver.frind_element_by_xpath("//select["id='fruits']).click()

( ok , its opening the menu ) 2.And after i have to select the good element , lets say Mango.. I try different thing with inputElementFruits.send_keys(...) but did not work .

If someone have a tips.

Thank you

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Unless your click is firing some kind of ajax call to populate your list, you don't actually need to execute the click.

Just find the element and then enumerate the options, selecting the option(s) you want.

Here is an example:

from selenium import webdriver
b = webdriver.Firefox()

You can read more in:

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