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As I explained in one of my previous topics, I lost my hard disk with dozens of apps (all last year's work) and now I have to reverse engineer all of them. Some older were RI-ed easily because their code was not obfuscated. However, all newer apps have obfuscated code because Eclipse automatically obfuscates Android app when you produce version ready to be published.

As all classes, methods and class members got obfuscated (their names changed, parameters, etc.), I have a lot of problems regenerating code. Could you share any good blog, article or document which writes about tips and tricks in reversing obfuscated code?!

If someone wants, he can write his own suggestions or tips.

Thanks in advance

PS. this is the original article: " Tried to reverse engineer my app, but got some weird-looking file tree "

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Googling for the obvious search terms yields a paper on the topic, and a presentation to go with the paper.

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Any first hand advise? –  sandalone Oct 23 '11 at 20:50

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